Researchers speculate that this family originated from occupied Palestine and Jordan. After Israel’s occupation of Palestine, a part of these families moved to Lebanon and settled in the country. Others believe that these families are of Lebanese origins arguing that they were Sunni living in Saida before they moved to Beirut and other regions and professed the predominant religion in the towns where they settled. Therefore, they became distributed across Maronite, Greek Orthodox and Israeli communities.

There are close to 750 Al-Sous members across the following regions and sects. The Sunni members make up a majority and are present in Saida.

Sunni: 471 members

  • Saida’s neighborhoods: Dakrman (206), Kinan (45), Wostani (43) and Mar Nkoula (15)
  • Kamed Al-Lawz in Western Beqa’a: 41
  • Zqaq El-Blat in Beirut: 83
  • Mina el-Hosn in Beirut: 38

Maronite: 135 members

  • Ayto in Zgharta: 103
  • Zgharta: 32

Greek Orthodox: 111 members

  • Qebbeh in Tripoli: 90
  • Abba in Koura: 21

Israelis: 13 members

  • Mina El-Hosn in Beirut: 13

While the Al-Sous families include Maronite, Greek Orthodox and Israeli members as well as a number of Sunni, the Sous families (without the Arabic definite article Al-) are entirely Sunni present in Saida and Zqaq el-Blat and totaling roughly 100 members.