The mind is very complex and hard to figure out. Simple things can have colossal effects and every effect counts, for it leads to the shedding of a new mystery in every individual’s life. The spinning spiral of evil slurps up every shred of kindness and moral philosophy until the goodness is wiped away from the brain’s primary parts (frontal lobes and the parietal lobes)..

The assessment of our nature counts on our behavior and the way we think and grasp the world, but how did evil step into the human mind? It is a telltale sign that evil comes to life when we have our first steps; that is right. Babies do have evil thoughts, and with every evil thought comes punishment and hatred. For example, we have two stuffed animals, one tray of cookies and one tray of Brussels sprouts. The first animal likes cookies but the second hates them and prefers the Brussels sprouts instead. When asked to decide which animal he loves better, the child chooses the first. He hugs him and punishes the second. WHY? Because the baby loves cookies! Hereby, we may conclude that babies do have evil thoughts. Evil accompanies them from birth. It is an innate quality, harbored deep down in them, and nobody can prevent it, as we can`t simply kill the child. Rather, we have to live with this pesky bug that can`t be squashed, and wait for it to grow large until it gains full control of our mind and blows its dark energy on innocent people. All of us in fact are evil, but not all the time. Evil passes by in significant conditions and outstanding reflexes. It has the ability to wipe out every living spectrum of goodness.

I am not stamping out the possibility of breaking evil. We have the right technology and advanced mechanics and tools to dive into the human mind and find out what one is thinking and dreaming, and maybe spot the core of evil, then think of ways to obliterate it once and for all. But there is one dilemma; the process of wiping out evil thoughts is seen as a minor problem and nobody is acting or doing anything about it. Some countries have started to research into this possibility but how can we make the desire to spot and prevent evil thoughts an international trend? When we find the answer, we can then set out to wonder what it is going to be like when the moral compass is set to Good.

Ahmad Ladiki, (Grade 11 - Ahliah School)